Reservation policies

Reservation of Facility Resources

  • Reservation requests for time on an AMRIS Facility instrument, assistance from a Facility staff member, or both should be submitted using the online reservation request form.  Users must complete the AMRIS safety training and have an active billing code before making a reservation.  If you do not have an active billing code in place, please set one up.

  • Advanced reservation requests are made monthly and are due on the 15th of the month for the following month, using the Reservations request form. All requests will be posted on the following month calendar, as the requests are received, and then the Facility administration will resolve conflicts before posting the final calendar by the 22nd. All requests will be considered equally but weight will be given to investigators to assure appropriate access to Facility resources (e.g. consideration of balancing access, time-sensitive studies, etc.)

  • Requests made more than a month in advance will only be considered in special circumstances, such as a long-term, time-course study or to accommodate a visiting collaborator’s travel plans.

  • Users scanning subjects are required to bring a printed copy of their IUCAC or IRB protocol with them into the facility in case of any questions regarding procedures they will be using.

Billing Policy

  • To assure accurate accounting, the online reservation request system must be used. Then, when using the instrument, the user must update the instrument logbook, verifying or updating the billing code, the start time, and the ending time. If needed, comments should be added to the logbook indicating any operating issues encountered that may affect billing. Any such issues must also be discussed with a member of the Facility staff to affect billing.

  • Usage fees will be billed according to the online calendar with cross referencing to the logbook entry. Users will be billed for the time scheduled or the time actually used, whichever is larger.

  • Users will be billed for unused, reserved time if it is not cancelled 48 hours in advance or if the user does not find another authorized user who will use the time. If cancellations occur frequently, the Facility administration will discuss the situation with the user to review access to the Facility.

  • Studies underwritten by for-profit companies for their benefit are charged at commercial rates, rather than the posted academic rates.  At present, our policy is to charge three times the academic rate to cover the infrastructure and overhead costs, which are not included in our academic rate.