AMRIS Facility supplies and equipment

  1. Staff will train users in the operation of AMRIS Facility equipment or operate the equipment for the user. Do not use equipment for which you have not received training and approval to operate.

  2. All time-limited supplies must be marked to indicate when the packaging was opened and by whom as well as its expiration date.

  3. All chemical containers must have clear content labeling.  Labeling should also indicate when the packaging was opened and by whom as well as any expiration date.

User supplies and equipment

  1. Equipment belonging to users must be approved by Staff before the equipment can be used in the Facility (e.g. pumps, test-and-measurement equipment, etc.).

  2. Users of the Facility should not store supplies or equipment in the Facility, unless approved by a Staff member. User should consider creating an “MR Kit” to bring with them when using the AMRIS Facility and such an “MR Kit” must only contain MR safety supplies (e.g. non-magnetic scissors, etc.).

  3. If Facility storage approval is granted, the Staff member will assign a storage location and labels must be applied to the equipment and/or supply storage-container with the following information.

    • User name and contact information (department, room number, phone number and email).

    • End date of the project activity in the Facility.

  4. All time-limited supplies and all chemical containers, either brought into the Facility or stored in the Facility, must be labeled with the following information.

    • When the packaging was opened and by whom; any expiration date.

    • All chemical containers must have clear content labeling.

  5. If a user has supplies stored in the facility, the user must remove the supplies when the project ends.


If a user is not conforming to these policies, Staff will discuss this with the user and suggest a solution; e.g. remind the user of the policies, and either suggest a way to transport supplies and equipment, or find a storage location in the Facility if transportation is not feasible. If non-conformance continues, supplies may be disposed of and/or a user may lose facility access privileges.